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  Sydney Morning Herald  
Even a cynic reading Phenomenal will yearn for a taste of wonder, because it...reminds us that we are all made of stardust.
  O: The Oprah Magazine  
  Part travel memoir, part parenting manifesto, and part inquiry into those fleeting, extraordinary glimpses of something that left us groping for rational explanations in the quicksand of all-encompassing wonder.  
  Henion...takes readers around the world in her lovely, lyrical memoir.  
  Barnes & Noble Review  
What would it be like to experience the world with a child's sense of wonder? That is the question that Leigh Ann Henion succeeded in answering after the birth of her son. Jolted and spurred by his arrival, she decided to explore beyond home in search of the moments of wonder that she remembered from her own youth. Her quest was ambitious, inspiring her into encounters with Arctic reindeer herders, astrophysicists, and unforgettable lightning storms. A refreshing wake-up call to living in the natural world; editor's recommendation.
Leigh Ann Henion's Phenomenal: A Hesitant Adventuer's Search for Wonder in the Natural World is an inspiring nonfiction narrative about exploration and identity...It's a fascinating journey, and Henion chronicles it with the heart and eye of an artist. This delightful hybrid of a book blends memoir, history, and philosophy into a modern meditation on motherhood and the quest for a fulfilled life.
  Literary Mama  
A story of courage and strength, Henion's words conjure up the stardust of the ages, relating to all readers why we must adventure, leave our comfort zones, and discover the world anew...Henion pursues her quest with great integrity, and in turn, the reader does too, as we begin to see the mysticism and the true inherent wonder in her world—and in ours...Henion's text brings with it new questions and understandings, an alternative way of learning and being in the world. It is not just a telling, it is an un-telling.
  The Appalachian Voice  
Leigh Ann Henion takes readers on a spiritual sabbatical...A truly delightful read, Phenomenal lets you ride shotgun on a quest for understanding and beauty.
  S/ Magazine  
  Even the most steadfast city dwellers will find themselves pining for nature after this read.  
  Winston-Salem Journal  
When I read a book for review, I turn down the top corners of pages and scrawl stars by passages I like so I can find them as I start to write. I turned down so many top corners in this book and scrawled so many stars—passages about mythology, geography and history, and most important, how Henion relates it all to her family and the real world—that I don't have room to include them all.

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